Paper Ninja is an "Action Strategy First Person Paper Slasher" as it involves swiping your finger across the screen to cut through horde of aggressive Paper Ninjas.

The game play is considered simple, just avoid the enemies' weapon and cut across the Paper Ninja's edge. But you will be surprise how this simple concept can leave you begging for more actions.

Paper Ninja requires players to make split second strategic decisions while giving them the freedom to explore the enormous combo possibilities.

In short, Paper Ninja is a simple and clear cut game that drives for ever improving control mastery. Players can keep practising to improve their "Critical Hit" timing or challenge their scores against friends in Openfeint.

Who says paper cuts can’t kill?
























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  • Multiple Challenges feels like a “Many-Games-in-1” App.
  • Power up with 5 Godly Skills!
  • Beautiful artwork and environment.
  • Exciting challenges with different unique gameplay.
  • 15 new Achievements (and more on the way) to collect and post on your Facebook and twitter!
  • Lots of OpenFeint leadership boards to compete with your friends.
  • Submit your score and compete with the rest of the world to be the best!
  • Optional kids-friendly setting (no bloodshed) available as requested by peace loving friends.
  • Humourous storyline.
  • 12 levels of difficulty in Dojo mode.Experience the thrill of Sword-fight with your finger





"Paper Ninja is really a solid app from top to bottom, with enjoyable gameplay being combined with top-notch production values to create a wonderful experience.”

by 148apps, 4.5 Stars

"Its price of $0.99 is very reasonable for the amount of game on offer. Highly recommended!”

by AppAdvice, 4 Stars

"Paper Ninja is a really fun, high-quality game. "

by Gamezebo, 4.5 Stars

"Paper Ninja has a simple gameplay that’s amazingly addictive. It has ton of replay value and it’s a game that you can play for a couple of minutes while waiting in line."

by MobileTechReview, 4.75 Stars

“The gameplay is challenging and fun a great combo for any iPhone game.”

by AppModo



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by Appdictions, 5 Stars

“This game is a must have, and its highly addictive and fun to play.”

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“Paper Ninja is a great casual game though short lived provides fun filled hours of Ninja entertainment.”

by Appyzilla, 4 Stars



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